A wrinkle in time


The piece "A Wrinkle in Time" was commissioned by the ensemble "Concorde" and is dedicated to it and its conductor Jane O'Leary. The composition is inspired by the idea that time doesn't flow in a linear way. Time can be elongated, shortened but also folded like a piece of cloth. The "bending fold" in the time/A Wrinkle in Time plays freely in an analogue way with the parameter duration, it elongates and shortens time. (Bron: Furore Verlag)

Type werk -
Instrumentatie zangstem (sopraan), fluit, slagwerk, piano Klik op een vink om te filteren
Instrumentatie (afkorting) voice(sopr) fl perc pf
Manuscript/uitgave Kassel: Furore Verlag
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Koninklijk Conservatorium (KC) Instituut voor Sonologie -
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